Vision, Values, and Mission


The Curandi Project envisions healthcare as a natural, living system that continuously adapts to deliver the best possible care for each person based on their situation and circumstance.

We envision a healthcare system that unifies multiple disciplines; medical, social, behavioral, public health, and research and development. Providers in every discipline will have ready access to a common framework of measures that unite the goals and purpose of each discipline around each person’s unique needs at any point of care.

Community level innovation and self-organizing networks will connect all points of care creating a powerful, synergistic healthcare system that becomes more sustainable over time.


Our values keep us grounded in the reality of those we serve and will guide our priorities and decisions. 

The Mission to Heal Healthcare

Curandi’s mission is to transform and support healthcare management as a Complex Adaptive System to advance a healthcare system that delivers better and more affordable care.

We do this through community innovation projects that simultaneously build the technology platform that enable self-organizing networks to connect all points of care.

Curandi will serve as a catalyst and bridge between the two distinct domains of healthcare delivery and software development. Curandi gives its members access to its services in ways that enable each to meet their goals while serving the greater good.