Systems Thinking 2.0

A quote from Derek Cabrera in his book Systems Thinking Made Simple: New hope for solving wicked problems is 

“All problems result from the mismatch between how real systems work and how we think they work”

Cabrera’s DSRP systems thinking model is a comprehensive and adaptable method of describing and adapting the structural realities of a system. This leads to clarity of thought and new insight into how a system runs along four simple rules.

DISTINCTIONS RULEAny idea or thing can be distinguished from the other ideas or things it is with.
SYSTEMS RULEAny idea or thing can be split into parts or lumped into a whole.
RELATIONSHIP RULEAny idea or thing can relate to other things or ideas.
PERSPECTIVES RULEAny idea or thing can be the point or the view of a perspective.

In his book, and on the research lab web site, he lays out an elegant graphical analysis system with a supporting conceptual framework. These can lead to better understanding and more important, opportunities to test and adapt the model based on the achievement of purpose. 

The interested reader is urged to visit Cabrera research or read the book to fully understand the strength of this methodology.

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